Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit breakers are the first line of defense in case something goes wrong with a system. They are designed to work reliably for years.  Without routine maintenance and testing, you cannot be sure that the circuit breakers will function reliably.  We use state of the art digitally controlled current injection testing to check circuit breakers on site. Malloy can test air drawout, insulated or molded breakers ranging from 15-4,000 amps. A malfunctioning breaker that does not open during an overload or short circuit condition can cause considerable loss of electrical and mechanical assets as well as potentially destructive fires.

Using Breaker Testing helps make sure that the breakers are protecting business investments properly!


Electrical Preventative Maintenance Testing does not end with circuit breaker testing……

  • A great deal can go wrong if an electrical distribution system is not adequately maintained.
  • As electrical loads cycle between high and low demand, thermal expansion and contraction cause connections to loosen.
  • Electrical panels that are never cleaned accumulate dust and dirt that deposits on these connections.
  • The loose and dirty connections provide a high resistance path that is directly responsible for more than 30 percent of electrical failures.
  • Another 17 percent of electrical failures are attributed to live electrical components being exposed to moisture.

With a comprehensive electrical preventative maintenance program, both of the above conditions – which account for almost half of all electrical losses, can be corrected

  • According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the failure rate of electrical components is three times (3X) higher for systems where preventative maintenance is not performed.
  • This tells us that electrical failures, for the most part, can be avoided.

The type of tests and frequency of tests are detailed in the NFPA-70B documentation – please call for a copy.

Malloy offers and recommends Electrical Preventative Maintenance Testing for the following items:

  • Switchgear Testing
  • Motor Control Centers (LV & MV)
  • Circuit Breaker (LV & MV), Primary & Secondary Injection Testing
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • Transformer Testing – TTR, Megger
  • Transformer – Dissolved Gas Analysis & Fluid Analysis plus Sample Safe Installation
  • Ground Grid Testing
  • MV Starter Testing (air & vacuum types)
  • LV & MV Disconnect Switch Testing
  • Infra-red Thermography
  • LV Breaker Retrofit with solid state trip units