For over 70 years, Malloy has provided electrical solutions to our customers. Malloy works with the customer to supply anything from advanced motor control to simple replacement components. Our staff is exceedingly qualified to deal with all aspects of the Electrical Industry ranging from utility transformers, switchboards, MCCs, soft starts and VFDs – all the way down to the smallest pushbutton or relay in your facility. Malloy is fully outfitted to deal with low or high voltage equipment (24V to 4160V), new services, or parts from an existing product.

Malloy provides many services including:

  • Helping the customer size and select the best starting method for their specific application.
  • Providing technical documentation including dimensions/drawings, component ratings, industry approvals, etc.
  • Custom configuring complete motor control solutions.
  • Upgrading damaged or obsolete components with high quality replacements.
  • Working directly with the manufacturers to ensure that product performance matches customer expectations.

We are committed to providing high quality manufactured products to meet all electrical needs!

Major lines include:

  • ABB
  • General Electric
  • Mersen Fuses
  • Siemens
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