Electric Motors

Electric Motors

As one of the largest motor distributors in the Midwest, we have over 5000 motors currently in stock.  In fact, our motor stock ranges from 1/125 HP to over 2000 HP.  We stock low and medium voltage motors, single and three phase motors in a large variety of enclosures.  Our extensive motor inventory includes:

  • Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled (TEFC) from fractional to 500 HP, both general purpose and severe duty
  • Open Drip Proof (ODP), Weather Protected I (WPI), and Weather Protected II (WPII) motors from fractional to 2000 HP
  • Washdown, both stainless steel and epoxy coated, from fractional to 15 HP
  • Vertical hollow shaft, both WPI and TEFC, from 25 HP to 250 HP
  • Pump motors, both JM and JP frames in ODP and TEFC, from fractional to 25 HP
  • We also stock miscellaneous motors such as brake motors, custom made motors, and many application specific motors including farm duty and auger motors
  • We inventory many different speeds of motors ranging from low speed up to 3600RPM

At Malloy, we specialize in motors and have highly trained personnel capable of assisting with motor selection based on application and need. With our 24/7 inventory availability, we can significantly help reduce costly downtime. The motor group works with customers to develop inventory levels that will keep their process moving with minimal delays. Malloy can provide many services including:

  • Conducting motor and energy savings audits at your facility to establish where newer, more efficient motors make economic sense.
  • Helping to determine critical applications where a spare motor may be required.
  • Working directly with the manufacturer on all custom NEMA and above NEMA motors.
  • Retrofitting applications where a new motor frame does not fit within the existing motor frame. We work with you to figure out the most economical solution in fitting a new motor into your existing application.  This could include adapter bases or rails, changing the motor, etc.
  • Providing all necessary technical documentation including: dimension prints, maintenance manuals, greasing schedules, frame charts, etc.

Malloy Electric, in partnership with GE Motors, also helps to provide basic knowledge such as the following links:

Major Motor Lines Include:

We can customize our inventory to match your specific needs!

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