The Mechanical team at Malloy continues to provide application specific mechanical solutions. Our staff is exceedingly qualified to deal with all aspects of the Power Transmission Industry ranging from bearings and gearboxes, to all other forms of power transmission. At Malloy, our mechanical team is trained to assist with selection based on application and customer need. Our inventory is available 24 hours a day, every day to significantly reduce any downtime. The mechanical group will work with customers to develop inventory levels that will keep their process moving with minimal delays.

Malloy provides many services including:

  • Dynamic Balancing of rotating equipment either in our service shop locations or on site at the customer’s facility with our portable balancing unit.
  • Shaft alignment to properly align equipment.  Shaft alignment decreases mechanical wear on bearings and seals, and cuts down on overall vibration, decreases energy costs by reducing power consumption, which continually lowers electric utility cost throughout the useful life cycle of the machine.
  • In-house custom Machining Facilities.
  • Highly qualified and degreed Mechanical Engineering Team to assist in meeting the requirements for your specific applications.
  • Machine condition vibration analysis to accurately and reliably diagnose running conditions and save the customer’s facility lost production capacity.

We are committed to providing high quality manufactured products to meet all mechanical needs!

Major lines include:

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